How to Save on Chinese Food in Australia

AUSTRALIA’S biggest supermarkets have announced a number of new food offerings for their customers in Australia.

The biggest of which is a new Chinese grocery offering at several major supermarkets in Sydney.

The news was announced by the Australian Food Group (AFG) in a statement on Wednesday.

Advertisement The AFG’s chief executive Andrew Smith said the company would start offering Chinese-style grocery items to customers at some of its major retailers, including Aldi, the largest supermarket chain in the country.

“We are looking to deliver the highest quality Chinese grocery products and Chinese-made products at Aldi and our other stores in Sydney,” Mr Smith said.

“We expect to start a few stores in the next couple of months, with a big focus on Asian markets.”

“The new Chinese-designed Chinese grocery items include chicken, fish, noodles, rice, vegetables, meat, and more.”

The announcement comes as the government and industry are scrambling to make sure consumers have access to the latest and greatest Chinese foods.

The government is considering whether to introduce a national database for food safety, a move that would have a huge impact on the supply chain of Australia’s biggest retailers.

The Government is also looking at introducing a food safety law to tackle a growing foodborne illness epidemic in Australia, and to allow imports of products from other countries into the country, including from China.

“The Government is looking at food safety laws and has indicated that it is considering introducing such laws,” Mr Adams said. AAP/ABC