is launching its new shopping site with a few big changes has launched its new online shopping site with a new branding, an emphasis on its products and a more streamlined interface.

Hdfs has announced that the site is launching with a brand new look and a refreshed shopping experience.

The site’s homepage will feature an updated design with more modern elements including a redesigned search bar, a more informative home page, and a focus on products that customers have purchased.

The new homepage features a brand-new design and offers more product-related functionality including: a brand New search bar; a more informed home page; an easy to use checkout process; and a brand spanking new checkout process.

The search bar is also designed to better highlight products in its search, the site’s sister site www, will also be adding a new search bar to make it easier for users to find products they are looking for., which launched in November 2014, has become a popular destination for Canadians who shop on

Its products range from home decor to home appliances and clothing., which has more than 1.5 million members, is also relaunching the site.

The new website will be a direct link to and will feature a similar search bar. , launched in 2015, is a major retailer of goods and services in Canada.

The site is now available in 15 languages.

The website’s new look is meant to improve customer experience and help the site reach its full potential.

The updated site will have a streamlined interface and feature a streamlined shopping experience, according to a statement from the site on Wednesday. will also rebrand itself as

It will now focus on its retail businesses, the statement said.

The company will focus on offering its customers the best in home furnishings and accessories, appliances, home decor, furniture, and accessories. will be focusing on its family-owned business,, which was launched in August 2015, will be relaunched as, a direct-link shopping site. already has more product listings than any other Canadian online retailer.

Its current inventory includes furniture, household goods, electronics, fashion, electronics accessories, and toys. has a total of more than 10 million members and has over 100 stores in Canada and abroad.

It offers a variety of products and services including home furnish, home appliances, household products, electronics and home decor.

Hfdg is owned by the Group, which also owns and Inc. is a family-oriented website that features products and offers a range of services, including furniture, appliances and home furnish. is a direct links shopping site that connects consumers to more than 100 products from that are sold online. specializes in luxury goods and furniture, including fashion, home furnish and jewelry.’s website has more listings than the rest of the Canadian online retailers combined, with about 50,000 items on the site, according a company statement. launched in March 2016.