Google+’s big shopping site is making some big moves with its new content partnership with Yahoo News

In a move that could potentially change the future of big shopping, Google+ is launching a new content offering with Yahoo in the coming weeks.

The partnership marks the first time a major U.S. media company has signed on to produce content for a Google-owned site.

It also marks the beginning of a broader move by the tech giant to make its own content available to its own users.

Yahoo already has an established partnership with YouTube, and recently launched its own video platform, with the ability to distribute videos to YouTube-like devices like Roku and Apple TV.

But the partnership with Google+ will allow the company to bring its video content to Yahoo’s users, and could open the door to a broader video platform.

The announcement comes as Google+ continues to grow into a global media powerhouse.

The search giant has nearly 60 million active users on its platform, and has more than 15 billion video views on YouTube.

But that doesn’t mean the platform can’t be used for other purposes.

The partnership with the news outlet means that Google+ users can now see news that Yahoo has posted on its site, and potentially new stories from the site that haven’t yet been posted.

Google+ will also be able to publish stories from Yahoo’s content partners, and in some cases, provide its own news, according to the terms of the deal.

Yahoo’s editorial staff will be able also contribute content to Google+ for the first and second weeks after the launch of the service, Yahoo announced in a blog post announcing the partnership.

This isn’t the first major media deal Google has signed with a major player.

The company has been working with NBCUniversal to publish content for its website for years, and it has partnered with ABC News to provide video content for ABC News Mobile.

Yahoo has also teamed up with CBS, NBC and Fox to create a video-on-demand service for CBS.

Google+ also partnered with the U.K.’s ITV News to offer its video service on the BBC.

And while Google+ has been a part of many news platforms over the years, the company’s new partnership with a company with a much larger audience and even a larger audience of news organizations could be a new trend in the future.

This could be one of the biggest changes Google+ could make with regards to the content it produces.