How to Find Cheap Shopping Sites for Charities

In the last year, charities have been flooded with requests to buy their goods on craigslist, a popular online marketplace where sellers are paid based on how much items sell for on the site.

In order to help those organizations find new ways to use Craigslist, The Huffington Pro has compiled a list of top charities to look out for in the coming months.1.

Salvation Army2.

Christian Charities3.

Mercy Corps4.

World Vision5.

National Alliance of Children and Families6.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital7.

American Red Cross8.

United Way9.

United Nations Children’s Fund10.

International Rescue Committee11.

Children’s Hospital in San Antonio12.


United Negro College Fund14.

American Association for the Advancement of Colored People15.

American Cancer Society16.

Childrens Hospital in Seattle17.

Red Cross18.

National Association of School Administrators19.

Red Crescent Society20.

Red Heart21.


United States Army23.

Mercy Church24.

Red Hat25.

Salvation Corp.26.

Red Ribbon Alliance27.

United Methodist Church28.

Stray Cat29.

Mercy Hospital30.

United Mine Workers Association31.

Stony Brook University32.

Mercy University33.

Children International Center34.

Red Eye Center35.

Red Wings Inc.36.

Red Wing Inc.37.

Red Wheelbarrow Inc.38.

Salvation Food Bank39.

Salvation Medical Center40.

Mercy Medical Center41.

St Jude Childrens Research Hospital42.

National Community Clinic43.

St James Infirmary44.

Mercy Community Health Center45.

United Hospital for Children46.

Mercy Health Center47.

St Thomas Aquinas Medical Center48.

Mercy Healthcare Services49.

Mercy Hospitals Emergency Department50.

Children of Christ51.

Mercy Childrens Health Institute52.

St Elizabeths Hospital53.

Mercy St Josephs Hospital54.

Mercy Lutheran Church55.

St Vincent de Paul Hospital56.

St Francis of Assisi Hospice57.

St Joseph Medical Center58.

Mercy International Medical Center59.

Mercy Mercy Medical and Medical Center60.

Mercy Baptist Church61.

Mercy of America Medical Center62.

Mercy Care Home Medical Center63.

Mercy North America Medical Clinic64.

Mercy United Hospital 65.

Mercy Home Health Care Center66.

Mercy Regional Medical Center67.

Mercy Valley Hospital68.

Mercy Park Health Center69.

Mercy River Valley Hospital70.

Mercy Women’s Hospital71.

Mercy Clinic72.

Mercy Central Health System73.

Mercy Family Health Care System74.

Mercy Foundation Hospital75.

Mercy Institute for Children and Family76.

Mercy-Maine Childrens Mercy Hospital77.

Mercy Center for Medical Care for Children78.

Mercy Presbyterian Church School of Medicine79.

Mercy UMass Medical Center80.

Mercy Saint Francis Health Care Hospital81.

Mercy Wellspring Health Center82.

Mercy Vermont Childrens Center83.

Mercy Virginia Hospital84.

Mercy California Health Care Centre85.

Mercy Massachusetts Childrens Medical Center86.

Mercy Rhode Island Childrens Clinic87.

Mercy Providence Childrens Hospice88.

Mercy Columbia University School of Nursing89.

Mercy Western Reserve Medical Center90.

Mercy Northern Virginia Medical Center91.

Mercy Eastern Michigan Medical Center92.

Mercy Brigham and Women’s Hospice93.

Mercy Southern Baptist Medical Center94.

Mercy West Virginia Medical Centre95.

Mercy Iowa University School for Women and Children96.

Mercy Emory University School to Advance Science97.

Mercy Oregon Health and Science University School For Women and Families98.

Mercy Pennsylvania State University School Of Medicine99.

Mercy Arizona State University Penn Health 100.

Mercy Beth Israel Hospital