Google ‘will allow shoppers to purchase a new Google Home device’ in India

NEW DELHI — Google is set to allow customers in India to buy a new Amazon Echo device — the company’s latest attempt to woo a niche market — with a price tag of Rs 2,999.

The device, which was announced in January and is priced at Rs 2.8 lakh ($350) for the 32GB version, is the latest attempt by the search giant to tap into Indian consumers who have flocked to Amazon to buy gadgets like gadgets, TVs, computers, and other gadgets.

While the Echo device, dubbed the “Amazon Echo Dot,” is a little pricier than its Google Home competitor, it has a much larger camera, and more features.

Amazon says it is designed to serve as a standalone device, with the company not selling a phone or other accessories.

Google is trying to tap a market that’s not likely to pay much for such a small device, but analysts say the Echo’s small size and low price tag could give it a leg up in India, a country where Google has already been heavily courting Indian consumers.

“We believe the Echo Dot is a smart, inexpensive and affordable device that will attract Indian consumers with a very attractive product that is smart and affordable.

We think that is a good thing,” said Amit Gogule, chief investment officer at Fidelity Investments.

The Echo Dot, which costs about $450 to $550, will launch in India in March, with a limited launch in September.

The company has not yet disclosed the price of the device.

Google has been working with Indian retailers to expand the sales of the devices to the country.

Last month, Amazon launched its own version of its Echo, called the Echo Show.

It has a smaller camera, but has more advanced features.

It is priced roughly the same as the Echo Plus and comes with a $100 monthly subscription fee for unlimited access to Prime Video.

Google’s attempt to gain more sales in India has been met with resistance.

Earlier this month, India’s largest retailer Flipkart pulled out of the Google-Amazon partnership after Amazon refused to include Flipkarts in its Prime Instant Video package.