Kongaroos will be in a world class environment in 2018

KONGAROOA (AP) A world class Australian dog breeding facility is set to open next month.

The Dachshu Racing Centre will be located in the state’s northern suburbs.

The facility has been in operation for more than 40 years and is the world’s largest breeding and research facility for dogs.

“The Dichshu is a world-class breed and we have a very strong pedigree of dogs which is very high,” owner Mark Gaffney said.

“We are going to do the work and we are going be doing the work well and we’ll be doing it for a long time.”

The centre is the latest to open in the area, after another facility in Brisbane was built by the same owners in 2012.

Dachshukers have become a popular breed in Australia with people from all walks of life.

Gaffney has a Kongaroo named, Koola, and is working with another dog, a Dachshi named, Chippy.

Dichshus are the largest breed in the world, with about 50,000 pairs of dogs in breeding programs worldwide.