US-Mexico border wall could be a boon to the economy

By MARTIN BERNSTEINA, Associated Press US President Donald Trump is trying to put the finishing touches on a border wall between the two countries, a step that could spur business, tourism and housing prices in a way that has eluded the two governments for years.

Trump said Friday that he will sign an executive order to put a $1.6 billion border wall on the southern border, and that it will include the U.S.-Mexico border.

It will also create a new office for border security.

The U.N. estimates that the wall would cost at least $7 billion.

The project could also lead to a trade war between the U,S.

and Mexico, which both want to control the border.

In a speech Friday at the White House, Trump said the wall will be a great deterrent against drug trafficking and crime.

The president is also expected to order construction of a wall along the U and Mexico’s southern borders, which the US. has built to contain the flow of drugs and weapons, which has increased under his predecessor.

The wall is a major goal of Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, a longtime Trump critic.

Trump also said he is planning to announce the hiring of 10,000 border patrol agents to boost the security along the border with Mexico.

The order was expected to be announced as early as Saturday.

The new agency will be called the Secure Communities, and its mission will include patrolling the southern U.s. and helping local police enforce immigration laws.

Trump is also looking at hiring 1,000 additional Customs and Border Protection officers to assist with the construction of the border wall, according to the White, the White house press office.

A Trump administration official said in a statement that Trump plans to announce additional hiring on Monday and Tuesday.