A mysterious bird that has been spotted in New Zealand has been identified as a new species of Australian goose

New Zealand’s national bird has been named a new bird, and it is a bird of the unknown.

It’s a new Australian goose.

It has a small crest, the crest of which has a white stripe running across the bottom.

It also has a dark spot on the back of the neck.

The species, known as Australian goose (Erioglossus pachyraeus), is the first bird to be named in New York State.

The species was discovered in 2015 by a team of scientists, and is a member of the species Eriogossiidae.

The new bird has no known breeding history.

It is believed to have been a common goose, or kangaroo goose, in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

It is also the first New Zealand bird to have a crest that is not white.

“Its crest is a dark yellow and has a very distinctive shape,” said Dr Paul Aitken, a biologist at the University of Waikato and one of the scientists who identified the bird.

“It is a very striking appearance.”

The crest of the new species has a different shape than that of the Erioga goose, which is a common species of bird in New England.

Dr Aitke believes that is because it is more similar to the Australian goose than the Eris, the new bird.

Erioga birds have a unique crest, with two distinct white dots, or stripes, running across their body.

It looks like the one on the crest for Australian goose, and may also be the first Australian goose to have that crest.

“That crest is very distinctive.

It doesn’t look like anything else that we’ve seen,” Dr Aitsken said.”

There’s some people who have called it the New Zealand goose, but I think that’s probably a bit of a misnomer.

We’ve never seen that crest before.”

The New Zealand crest is so unique, that it’s possible the bird is the only New Zealand species with a crest like that.

“You can only have one crest that’s unique, and the New Kiwis have that,” Dr Tomo Wiebe, an expert on birds and conservation at Otago University, said.

The bird is called the new Eriogs, after the New York state crest, and was named in a scientific paper published in January.

It’s likely the new Australian bird will be named as Eriogo, the New Jersey crest.