Why Trump won’t be selling the White House car shop

The White House has been selling cars, trucks and boats since the early 1900s.

But now, the president-elect is looking to cut costs.

The president-to-be wants to buy and sell the cars and trucks at his personal dealership, the Trump Car Wash, a company that he said will keep his name out of the news cycle.

Trump has been a big fan of his personal car-washing company since he began running for president, but the White Houses decision to cut the Trump Organization from his business was met with criticism.

Trump’s move will also make it harder for the president to claim his personal stake in a company or to use his company for his own businesses.

The car shop will operate at the White house, which is owned by the Trump family, but will not have its own employees.

It will operate as a part of the Trump-owned business, which has been largely run by his two adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric.

Trump Jr. said the business would be operated independently of the president, who is a member of the Trumps business advisory council, according to a statement from the White Hill.

The Trump Car Washing company will still be available to purchase, sell or rent the cars Trump owns.

The president will also continue to own the company’s fleet of vehicles.

The White House said the cars will be sold at “competitive rates” in a bid to “provide the president with a level playing field in the marketplace.”