Australia’s shopping malls will become ‘shopping malls’ as retailers push for better online services

Sydney, Australia (AP) Australia’s largest shopping mall chain, Seven Up, is proposing to start offering free online shopping on its own sites in the capital.

Seven Up said Thursday it was working with online retailers to help them create online services that would improve the experience for customers.

The move follows the launch of the online shopping service, the e-commerce store, and the opening of its first store in Melbourne, which was opened in May.

The move comes as the country faces an unprecedented influx of online shopping.

The company’s chief executive, Tim Cook, said that the company had seen a “significant uptick” in online activity in recent years, but it was still too early to see whether the trend would continue.

“There’s a lot of people that use shopping sites.

But if you look at the overall number of people, it’s not quite the same,” he said.”

The real challenge in terms of a lot people using shopping sites is they’re using them to access other people’s products and services.”

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