What you need to know about online shopping in Switzerland

The Swiss government is working to crack down on the use of online shopping sites and offline shopping sites to facilitate the buying of counterfeit goods, according to an official statement from the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Innovation.

According to the statement, the authorities have launched investigations against the online shopping websites for hosting the sale of counterfeit products.

Swiss law requires that online retailers submit a list of all the sellers of goods in order to verify whether a product is authentic.

The list is checked by authorities and the seller is not allowed to sell it.

In order to prevent counterfeit products from being sold online, the government is also working on a new law which will require online retailers to check the authenticity of goods they sell online.

However, the law is not yet being implemented and online retailers are not allowed access to the list of sellers to verify the authenticity.

According the statement:The list of the online retailers will be based on their compliance with certain requirements such as that they are not authorized to sell counterfeit products and they have a record of the identity of the sellers, which will be provided to the authorities.

The authorities will also obtain the records of the retailers through the criminal case and will continue to make arrests for the online sellers until they are arrested.

In addition, online retailers can only use the information they have about the sellers to provide their customers with information about the authenticity and quality of the goods they have sold.

The statement also says that the authorities will work to limit the use and promotion of the sites and websites to the point that no one is allowed to access them.