How Google and Facebook could help save your life

From your phone to your car, every step of the way you are now connected to a network of millions of people.

They are watching you, reading your thoughts, listening to your speech.

And that network is increasingly being used to spy on you.

The question is: how can Google and the other giants like Facebook and Twitter avoid this?

And how can you protect yourself?

I have a great idea.

I have two friends, both with the same idea.

The first is a woman named Samantha.

Samantha is an accountant and is married to a man named John.

John is a retired engineer who works in an international shipping company.

Samantha loves John and has a son.

She also has a daughter.

They live in Pennsylvania, but she is an avid reader and likes to read.

When she sees someone on a shopping trip, Samantha always wants to ask him how much the price is.

She loves to know the price of anything.

So she wants to know what the deal is.

When Samantha sees someone buying a car, she wants a list of all the specs and details about it.

She likes to know if it has air conditioning or not.

John wants to get details about every detail of every product and the prices on it.

John and Samantha both like to read and they have a lot of friends who are avid readers.

One of them is John.

He’s an avid book reader.

They spend a lot time together.

But Samantha also has her own interests.

She spends a lot more time in her bedroom than John does.

She reads a lot and has an enormous library.

She has books on gardening, cooking, gardening, and cooking.

She even has a collection of cookbooks.

When they first meet, John wants a book on how to make the perfect chicken wings.

Samantha doesn’t really like chicken wings at all.

She just wants to learn more about them.

John, for his part, wants to do a cooking class.

Samantha likes to cook.

She thinks she will enjoy it, but John is not too impressed.

He says she is a bit too old for that.

She can’t wait to cook, but he doesn’t think she will be ready for it.

So they both agree to go to a local market and buy some chicken wings for $25 each.

Samantha’s friends think they’re a great deal.

Samantha buys one and takes it home to her husband.

But John’s friends say she’s not buying the whole chicken.

She is buying only the chicken pieces.

John isn’t too happy.

She says they can make them better for the price.

She tells John that they need to buy her a new set of wings and a new recipe.

John’s friend suggests buying a bottle of wine.

Samantha agrees.

She takes a bottle out of her pocket and shows it to John.

She goes into the kitchen and she starts to make some wine.

John says, I can’t do that.

He gets out his wineglass and he puts a spoonful of wine in it.

Then she starts making wine.

He looks at her with his glass and says, It’s not right.

He doesn’t like her doing it.

But she agrees.

Then he gets out a big glass and he makes a huge glass of wine for her.

He puts the bottle on the table and says it’s not good.

Samantha laughs and says to her friend, I told you, I’m not buying that.

Samantha tells her friend that if John were here, he would tell John to stop.

She wouldn’t allow him to do it.

And John gets up and walks out of the house.

Samantha takes the wine out of his hand and drinks it.

Now, John says to Samantha, I am sorry, I never meant for this to happen.

But I just can’t.

I don’t know how you’re going to get through it.

He walks away.

John has another conversation with his friend about how he will make the chicken wings better.

He tells John he is going to make them extra-dry, which means he’s going to use a lot less olive oil and salt.

John then tells Samantha he will do the same thing to the chicken and it’s going a lot easier.

And when he comes back, he puts the chicken on the plate and says he’s sorry.

He didn’t mean for it to happen this way.

He just can only do it to a couple of pieces at a time.

John walks away and the conversation ends.

Samantha comes back to the kitchen.

John tells her she has a great cookbook, but I want to know more about it and how to cook it.

Samantha says she loves cooking and is really excited to learn about how to prepare food.

She knows what she is doing is wrong and that John is right.

So Samantha goes back to her book and reads the recipe.

She’s not really happy about it, though.

She wants to try again.

But then she thinks about how her friend is doing and she realizes how much she has learned about cooking. Samantha