Pokemon Go’s online shop is getting a major overhaul

Nintendo has finally put an end to the days of Nintendo-only online shopping sites.

The company has announced that it’s now allowing Pokemon Go players to buy merchandise online from all of the major online retailers.

Nintendo says it’s “making it easier for customers to shop online, from anywhere in the world.”

The company is also making it easier to find the best deals on toys, games, apparel, and other merchandise.

This includes a redesigned Pokemon Go shopping site, which you can see above.

Nintendo isn’t stopping there, though.

It’s also adding more features and functionality to Pokemon Go.

For instance, you can now buy and trade Pokemon cards with other players.

The site is now also showing you how many Pokemon you have and how many of each type you have.

The store also shows you how much you’ve spent so far, and offers a shopping cart to help you sort your purchases.

Pokemon Go has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Nintendo hopes this is enough to make it a real success, but it’s unclear whether it will have enough users to keep the app going.

This is what it looked like at launch: Nintendo announced Pokemon Go on Tuesday, and it has been going strong since.

In the first week of its launch, Pokemon Go made $10 million in revenue, making it the fastest-selling game on Nintendo’s website.

That’s in line with analysts’ expectations.

PokemonGo was also the first game to have a $5 million “revenue share” with retailers, which means it made more than the rest of the games combined.

Nintendo didn’t give any indication about what the revenue share will be for the rest, but its shares have climbed more than 40% this year, and this could have something to do with the company’s interest in the game.

PokemonGO is available for free to players in North America, and there are also plans to expand the game into other countries.