Which stores are your favorite?

A new shopping site is opening in San Francisco.

The Peppermint Shopping site is a curated shopping site designed to give you a peek at the best deals on local products.

The site allows you to shop locally, at your own pace, and with the assistance of a knowledgeable agent.

The website is a great way to check out local vendors or brands.

There are currently six stores, all located in San Mateo County, which are all offering free shipping on most items.

The service is free for San Francisco residents, but those living outside of the city can pay a fee for shipping.

The price will vary based on the product, so the best option is to shop from a nearby store.

While Peppermint offers the free shipping option, it will cost you to ship any items you buy.

You can also set up a shipping label to track the cost of the items you purchase.

Peppermint has over 150,000 active members and has raised $9.6 million in funding.

It is currently in beta, but we’ll have a full review up soon.

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