How to save money on food and drink in restaurants

The U.S. restaurant industry is reeling from a spate of food and beverage recalls this week.

In some cases, the companies are scrambling to recover money lost as a result of the product recall.

In the case of the popular Mirrors, a popular chain of convenience stores, its shares dropped nearly 9% Wednesday.

The Food and Drug Administration said in a news release Wednesday that its food-safety inspection team had been called to the store after reports that one of its stores had an unsafe product.

That product was a plastic water bottle that is used to fill glasses.

The agency said it notified the manufacturer of the recalled product and the company had begun a voluntary recall.

The company said it has also notified consumers about the recall.

The company said that it is working to get all customers and employees up to date on the recall, and to inform customers of any further notices or changes.

Mirrors, which has locations in New York, Florida and Tennessee, said in an emailed statement Wednesday that it had not yet learned of any complaints about the recalled item.

“We have been providing our customers with safe beverages throughout the duration of this recall, including at the locations we have opened since this initial recall,” the company said.

“In addition, we have taken steps to protect our customers from any contamination they may encounter from these beverages.”

According to the FDA, the company did not immediately provide a copy of the recall notice to The Associated Press.

In a statement to CNNMoney, a Mirrors spokesperson said the company was working to notify customers about the voluntary recall and that it was “working closely with the FDA to ensure all customers are up-to-date on the notice.”

The company also said that the company has taken steps over the past week to provide customers with the correct information about the products that have been recalled.

The FDA is investigating the incident at Mirrors.

The recall is a result, according to the agency, of an incident at the store in the Florida Keys.

“This investigation continues to determine the cause and the extent of the incident,” the agency said in the release.

“The investigation is continuing and we are taking further actions.”

In a separate news release, the FDA said it had been notified about two more cases of contaminated water bottles.

One bottle was sent to a laboratory for testing and the other was sent in for testing.

The Mirrors recall is not the only recent product recall that has shaken the industry.

Earlier this month, the Food and Industry Association said the agency had sent letters to more than 200 retailers warning them of a potential foodborne illness after one of their stores in Florida recalled a food-grade product.

The association said in March that it found contaminated food at at three stores in Indiana.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in April that it could not rule out a foodborne outbreak in the United States.

In January, the agency also sent letters advising the public of a possible foodborne-illness outbreak in Canada.